About me:







I decided to make the rest of my life the best part of my life!


I am Barbara Ortner!

After completing my graduation in Interior and Furniture design, I spent a year in Rome with an architect and then moved to Vienna.

In Vienna I worked for 15 years in Real Estate, apartment and house renovation, planning, coordination, sales, consulting and 2 years in the field of stage design in the Vienna People's Opera & the Vienna State Opera.

In 2013 I moved back to the country with my husband and our two children, which was a very big change, especially for me as a woman and mum.

In April 2015 I started my journey with RINGANA!

I was immediately enthusiastic about the unique, sustainable philosophy of this family business and the products completely convinced me and my whole family, from small to large, from young to old!

Freshness, active ingredients, consistency and ethics - we stand behind this philosophy 100% without any compromises!

In a few months I was not only able to win many customers through recommendations in my everyday life, but also to build a wonderful, successful and international team.

My partners and I have a team of more than 1.000 people in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, UK, Slovakia, Ireland and Romania who have recognized and seized this unique opportunity - to lead a financially independent and self-determined life.

Would you also like to earn a fair income and work for yourself and YOUR future and above all remain motivated and authentic?