The natural pioneers :

The company does not follow trends - it creates them!

The family owned business is one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in Austria and Europe.

We have been growing constantly since our inception, for 7 years we've experienced a growth of 30-40% and in 2017 we grew more than 50%!!!
The current markets organic, sustainability, ethics, sports, home office, online shopping and health are our core focus and exhibits our competencies well. For 22 years the company has been developing 100% fresh, organic, vegan, healthy body care and vital substances and currently inspires over 700,000 customers throughout Europe!

More than 22 years of research & development in the High-Tech & Healthcare sector offer you the following:

  • Unparalled quality and uniquely effective products in a undersaturated market!
  • Uniquely suited for the hobby and competitive sports sector!

Our company philosophy allows an annual, constant growth of 30 and 50% all over Europe!

Distinguished with the Energy Globe, Green Brands, Daphne Environmental Award, Luxepack Monaco, Trigos Award and as a leading company in Austria, our vision to increase our growth in the European market is a singular one.

The company has also won the Austrian Climate Protection Award 2015 and the European Business Award 2017!

Our existing Europe-wide network of over 40,000 partners is constantly expanding and we expect 100,000 partners in 2020 - recognize your personal opportunity and apply now!

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